ElanClicks.com – Capturing ‘The Story’ behind incident
ElanClicks.com – Capturing ‘The Story’ behind incident
I am an enthusiast, freelance photographer inspired by few world class photographers across the Globe and the passion is to capture the story behind incident into two dimensional image.

As a professional I have spent more than 25 years in IT and have shouldered the responsibility of Senior Management in Indian Corporates. Aside my Corporate Career, I was always inclined towards fine arts and have nurtured photography as my core passion. I am known as a ‘Perfectionist’ in my professional career as well as my core passion.

I am a strong believer of the saying that “There is a Science behind every art”. Laws of lights and characteristics of lenses enable us to capture stunning images which look like wonders to human eye & brain.

Objective is to create a team of youngsters, equip them with all the latest photography gears and educate them to follow certain techniques and SOP’s which will enable them to create wonders. The journey also aims to elevate the standards of Indian Photography and make these services available at the most affordable rates.

Services Offered: Portrait Photography, Fashion Photography, Wedding Photography, Pre-Wedding Photography, Event Photographyand Commercial Landscape Photography.

Gallery: We believe it’s illegal &unethical to publish any photo unless we have a Copyright of publishing it in any Social Media platform. Our family pictures posted below are good enough to depictour skills and taste.

Be assured, your pictures will never get exposed to external world by us (Unless you explicitly want us to do so)
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